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Midas Ensemble Technologies is a global IT solutions provider and leading off-shore revolution with its cutting-edge services that provide support and impetus to emerging & established businesses in the areas of IT consulting, custom software development, database administration, application integration and maintenance. With its signature innovative approach to technology solutions, Midas has effectively leveraged the market presence & profitability for our customers. We have the flexibility to deliver solutions quickly and cost-effectively. And our confidence in our ability to think ahead makes us willing to be measured against any business outcomes. Our expert team is well versed in modern technologies including node.js, mongodb, cross platform and native mobile app development for all popular mobile platforms apart from being a power house of J2EE and .Net stacks.

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Strong team led by technology leaders with a decade of experience in IT design and development

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Our experienced ensemble is a value add to our customers. They bring high level of quality, technical expertise to provide nothing but the best to our customers.

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We integrate into our customer’s ecosystem to serve their customers.

Innovation and Passion for technology drives our partnership with customers.

Our Services

Midas Ensemble provides a host of services to power your business with our vast experience in the field of software development and services. Be it offshore development, web designing, cloud solutions, mobile application development or software testing, we partner with you in every phase of the software development life cycle. We help you take your concept to market with our highly experienced and dedicated team of software engineers.


Creating software applications not only requires profound knowledge in technology, but also understanding the user needs and be able to work with the user closely to get the best possible user experience. We provide quality software professionals with decades of experience in designing, developing and maintaining applications to a wide array of platforms like windows, unix, linux, solaris, mac. We at Midas Ensemble think that a web application is not just a static page that resides in the browser but is the reflection of our customers business and their user base. Our engineers have vast experience in many of the web technologies which includes but not limited to ASP.Net, J2EE, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, NodeJS, jQuery, JavaScript, XML, Silverlight, AJAX, DHTML. The innovative and motivated team of engineers will ensure that the solution is scalable, secured and reliable.


As businesses spread across the globe, importance of getting information at the fingertips at the right time becomes a necessity. Midas Ensemble understands the business necessity of building application for smart phone and other mobile devices and we work towards getting the most out of your mobile devices. With our team of creative, innovative and highly motivated developers, we have the best understanding in the industry for providing the best user experience for such versatile screens. Midas Ensemble has architected and designed applications which are proven robust, scalable and extendable and are well suited for the mobile platforms. Be it developing native apps or cross platform apps, the team has sound knowledge, understanding of the technology to provide an application which is visually appealing and easy to use.


Cloud computing is all the rage today. Cloud Consulting, Cloud Migration or Cloud Architecture, we do everything to help you get on the cloud. Our expert cloud services team assist you in creating highly scalable, fault tolerant and high availability solutions. We have expertise in various cloud services platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure. The team is well conversant with cloud technologies and can design, develop applications which run on the cloud utilizing its full potential.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We are specialized in designing and developing custom SaaS applications that not only minimizes your cost, but helps you control what an user needs and controlling their costs as well. This is a type of cloud computing that delivers a single application through the browser to thousands of customers using a multi tenant architecture. On the customer side, it means no upfront investment in servers or software licensing; on the provider side, with just one app to maintain, costs are low compared to conventional hosting.

Database Services

Slow performing applications many times are the results of poor database design and lack of tuning. It is very important to have database experts in team from the design to deployment and through out production. Midas Ensemble has experts who understand the need of scalable design, security, high performance and high availability of the database. Our DBAs provides secured, reliable and high performance database environment for your company. The database team are experts in popular databases that include but not limited to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, PostgreSQL databases. Midas Ensemble also has team who are experienced in NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB to name a few.

Quality Assurance & Test Automation

Midas Ensemble has a proficient ensemble of QA specialists who cater to today's technological array which includes, but no limited to Web application testing, Mobile application testing, Performance testing, Penetration & Security testing, SOAP Testing and a host of other QA Services. The team with its adapt knowledge in tools like Selenium, SAHI, QTP, SOAPUI, Robotium, Nativedriver, KIF etc. help automate various software testing steps to improve quality and reliability

Our belief

We believe that software is not just a bunch of computer instructions, but an engineering marvel that powers your business. We work with passion and dedication to help you excel in your endeavors backed by our technology & services.


Midas Ensemble Technologies have created various successful products ranging from mobile apps to sophisticated portals. Some of them are listed here.


An opt-in, location based mobile marketting platform that leverages user's location and brings out the offers near them. Uses an array of technologies like geofencing, iBeacons to detect when an user is in your business vicinity and pushes them the offers available, without them actually entering your premise.

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With over 1 million downloads, Hidden Eye is a fantastic app to see if your friends/family are snooping into your phone while you're phone is unattended.

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Simply post birthday wishes on your facebook friend's wall with a click. Set reminders and rest be assured that you will never miss a birthday again.

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HiddenEye app, as seen on

Innovation and Passion for technology drives our partnership with customers.

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